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Other Offerings


Besides the Marketplace, many Workshop offerings we have the following:



Maiden, Mother, Crone  councils and aspect meetings

Following the archetype of the Triple Goddess, Where Womyn Gather offers Maiden, Mother & Crone Councils. Each Council develops for itself, with the initial help of a facilitator, how to address the spiritual gifts and tasks of their time of life. 

 Maiden's Lair

Maiden's Lair is space where tween/teen Maidens can have fun, be creative, gain confidence, feel secure, and feel valued in a non-competitive and inclusive environment. The Maiden's Lair is a place to "hang out," but it also offers facilitated activities that encourage interaction and participation.

Mother's Den

How is your self-care practice working for you?
Within the role of Mother, one of the hardest things for many of us is to value and make space for is self-nurturing, for self-care, for space and time to sit in stillness, connect with other women, and reflect.
Come join us in the Mother's Den -- a space especially created for nurturing, reflection, self-care, and support for women who are biological or "choosen" mothers, or simply resonate with and want to honor their innate Mother energy.
Come connect inwards as we examine and share the ways that we take on the role of Mother, supporting each other and focusing our intentions towards both our own self-nurturing and the nurturing of other Mothers.

Come experience the heart-centered power of the Mother's Den!

 Crone's Cave

The Crones of Where Womyn Gather welcome you! Each Crone embodies all that she was as a Maiden, as a Mother, and as the Wise Womyn she has become. Crones are funny, playful, nurturing, thoughtful, brave, spiritual Goddesses free to be whoever they are and whoever they are still becoming. Any womyn who thinks she might not quite fit the Mother role, but isn't sure she is ready to be a Crone is welcome to come to the Crone Cave during our Council meetings and talk with us. If you prefer to speak privately, just let one of us know and we will arrange time for that as well. We welcome all womyn to join us for our annual croning ritual. Blessed be.


Red Tent

The Red Tent is a sacred space energetically and materially creatrixed and held throughout the festival by a staff of priestesses. This is a dedicated space for womyn to gather apart from the day-to-day chores of the community to honor the sanctity of our experience of menarche, menstruation, menopause and beyond.  In this space we nurture and are nurtured through storytelling, song, teatime, divination, healing, laughter, and tears. All are welcome.

 Please visit 'Things We Don't Talk About'  a documentary by Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, PhD


Gyrl Space

Gyrl Space offers your daughters a variety of structured, age-appropriate activities and projects during most workshop hours. Young gyrls must be potty trained. Each womon bringing her daughter should plan to have meals with your gyrls, also be responsible for her safety and behavior at all times when she is not involved with Gyrl Space activities.


Brigid's Forge

Brigid's Forge is a space to let your inner artist run free! Our motto is Art Without Rules. We have open, unstructured time to create at your leisure as well as workshops to explore new techniques and mediums. Workshops and activities are designed for all age, interest and skill levels.



A core belief of Womyns' Spirituality, is that the Goddess is within each of us. During the energy-weaving of a ritual, we learn to work together to recognize the Goddess in each of our "Sister Spirits". The ancient concept of Goddess within is very holistic and is built on a respect for life, respect for one's self, respect for others and respect for our Mother Earth. We follow the rede of harming none and sending out ONLY positive energy that we will welcome to return magnified. We responsibly ask for/manifest change for the good of all. (based on Casting the Circle by Diane Stein) The Rituals at Where Womyn Gather are entered into with respect and consideration for all.


Joyful Sound

 Between workshops "Joyful Sound" is open for you to practice, play with and on the many traditional and fun percussion and other instruments available; listen to continuous play of women's music or play your own music CDs or MP3 devices; view videos of wonderful women performers; write and draw on the music oriented graffiti wall: use the crafts corner to make your own simple instruments following the instructions available there; decorate the room or make art with pictures of your favorite women performers; sing, dance, play and have fun or just relax and hang out.



Every culture has used sound to bridge the worlds of the do-ing and be-ing. Drumming brings us into the present moment, connecting us within ourselves into the Universe. Beginning Thursday night, there are many opportunities to drum at Where Womyn Gather. Whether we are drumming or listening, the primal rhythms open our souls. We are praying and we are the prayer. 



Safe Space

We reserve the right to refuse admission to the festival. We reserve the right to revoke admission without refund due to dangerous, disruptive behavior or failure to abide by Where Womyn Gather policies. We reserve the right to request that anyone who poses a risk or danger to themselves or others leave the festival without any liability to Where Womyn Gather.

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