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Following are our Presenters from the last time we were able to hold festival.  New Presenters will be posted once they have registered.

Our Presenters’ ingenuity and creativity will enable us to maintain the essential core of spirituality, emphasizing the pathways to centered, consistent action both within one's personal life and within one's community. 

Linda Bahner

Linda Bahner earned her B.A. in Art at Cedar Crest College in 1993 and her M.A. in counseling in 2000. She is a Reiki Master, healer and creator of Spirit Artist Jewelry and Native Healing Bears. (484)358-4456, LINDA@SPIRITARTIST.COM,  HTTPS://NATIVEHEALINGBEARS.COM

Freyda Black

Freyda, a Crone, has spent a lifetime wandering and listening to the voices of the land and the people living on it who are willing to share their traditions. As a gyrl she was escaping into empty lots in Brooklyn or the Catskill woods, following animal trails and creeks, searching and listening.  A student and follower of many systems and traditions, she achieved her dream of becoming the caretaker of 111 acres of woods, fields and streams and their inhabitants 28 years ago. FREYDABLACK@GMAIL.COM

Mary Boehnlein


Mary has been making festival for 24 years, starting in Communications. Over the years she has been involved in many areas and incarnations of this festival. She is passionate about this festival, and in her desire to have a positive impact on every person she comes in contact with, from pre-fest to post-fest, and everything in-between. She believes this festival is a gift and wants to make certain that every womon she meets has the desire to return and bring their friends. 

Lori Carscadden

Lori Carscadden attended Where Womyn Gather way back when it was Womongathering, raising her child (now 19!) in the loving arms of this community.  She is thrilled to be back and looks forward to the hugs & love. (732)500-4949, FIDGIT@AOL.COM

Gina D

Some of Gina’s many hats are lesbian, mom, political activist, adventurer, goddess- and nature-worshipper, graduate student, seeker, clinician, feminist, baker, reader, research assistant, lover, questioner, as well as sober for 27 years.

Esyule Gamache

Esyule is a spiritual scholar, an artist, owner and creator of Twin Star Designs.  She has explored the elements of existence, the journey of life and has been on her own heroine journey for decades. (479)601-4519,  ESYULE@YAHOO.COM , 311 E. Huntsville Rd., Fayetteville, Arkansas  72701

Rachel Ginther

30+ years creating, holding space & reflecting truth… Herbalist, aromatherapist, spirit essence practitioner, holistic retreat center/sanctuary…Wake up and join the party!

(518)797-3373, RACHEL@GARDENOFONE.COM,  WWW.GARDENOFONE.COM, 60 Thunder Hill Rd., Rensselaerville, NY  12147

Michelle Goguen

Michelle Goguen is a Spiritualist, Psychic Medium, Artist & Teacher specializing in the Soul Mate/Twin Flame concept.  She offers Spiritual Relationship Consulting/Healing, Automatic Writing and Spirit Guide Making Workshops.  She is a Peruvian Mesa Carrier and works in Shamanism and Celtic Ritual.  Michelle considers her Twin Flame experience to be the most profound spiritual experience in her lifetime.  She looks forward to sharing this knowledge. (917)523-9920, FAIRYGODMAMMA@AOL.COM,  WWW.MICHELLEGOGUEN.COM


Francena Marie Hancock

Francena Marie has been a Reiki Practitioner since 1989. An Essential Reiki Master Teacher, she apprenticed and taught with Diane Stein beginning in 1996.  As a Seer, she offers Divinatory Guidance.  A Mage, making Magic of Ordinary Events.  A Ritualist providing services for the creation and maintenance of Sacred Spiritual Space, Ritual and Tools.  As a Spiritual Transformation Coach, she facilitates Womyns’ Visionary Circles, in person and online. Sharing the mystical path of the Goddess for over 40 yrs.  She roams and rambles about the countryside. FMH_REIKI@HOTMAIL.COM,  HTTP://FRANCENAMARIE.COM

Lynne Lindsay

Lynne lives with her wife, Karen, in Tupper Lake, N.Y.  She loves to craft and host Create & Sips with friends. (607)316-1428, NYBEA8@GMAIL.COM

Marianna Mujica


Marianna Mujica, LMSW, is an inspirational singer-songwriter-speaker & holistic psychotherapist. She was deeply influenced by her many years of WG attendance and began to channel original songs from the Divine in 2001.  In 2016 she founded The Peace Warriors who advocate for peace and healing through music.  She (They) are ecstatic to release their first CD in 2019. 

Mary Trigg

Mary Trigg is a yogi, mother of 2, designer, activist and spiritual leader of the Arts+Wellness Progect, a community program based out of Union City, N.J.  Her yoga practice is her fuel, guiding her through the last 17 yrs of life.  The desire to share her yoga practice and experience with everyone and anyone whom will listen is what drives her hustle.  Hoping to evoke interest in newbies and nurture those already hip to yoga.

Lise Weaver

Lise was born in London, UK and lives in Lincolnshire, UK and NY, USA.  She is and eastern Europe Shaman, an Egyptian Mystic, a healer and teacher of Traditional Arts, a crafter of Mystical tools, lotions & potions.  She is known as a Maa-Kheru/Ma’Kheru – ‘True of Voice’ – “Truth Speaker” .  As with all things Spiritual there is ‘No Right or Wrong Way’, there is JUST a way…the choice made is a big part of our Liberty, Will and Intent… WWW.ETSY.COM/SHOP/STONEDRAGONVALLEY


Jenny Yates

Jenny Yates is an astrologer, a writer (of fiction and non-) and an old married lesbian living in the D.C. area.  She is interested in all womyn’s stories and loves the way they are reflected in natal charts. ASTROLOGERJENNY@YAHOO.COM,  WWW.ASTROLOGERJENNY.COM






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