Direction: WEST

Element: WATER

Archetype: CRONE


The information listed below is from many sources. Thank you to those sources. This is an ever expanding list!!


Colors: blue, olive

Metal: silver

Symbol: downward pointing triangle

Planet: moon

Astrological: Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer

Temperature: cool

Goddess(es): Crone: Cerridwen, Hecete, Baubo, Baba Yaga. Water: Yemaya, Isis

Animal: octopus, fish

Stone: pearls, moonstone, glass

Chakra:  3rd, navel

Food: rice, fish, seaweed

Time of day: twilight

Season: autumn

Magical items/tools: cauldron, cup, bowl

Tree: Willow, Apple

Part of Tree: trunk, sap

Herb: water lily, kelp

Cardinal Word: emotion

Type of Love: mother for child

Personal Facet: feeling


 Information provided by Where Womyn Gather LLC with the help of Elizabeth Nahum. This list is intended to assist you in workshop proposal research and your journey.