Direction: SOUTH

Element: FIRE


The information listed below is from many sources. Thank you to those sources. This is an ever expanding list!!


Colors: red

Metal: yellow gold

Symbol: upward pointing triangle

Planet: mars

Astrological: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Temperature: hot


Animal: dragons, lions

Stone: sunstone, copper

Musical Instrument: brass horns

Chakra: 5th, solar plexus

Food: hot peppers, tomatoes, fruits

Time of day: high noon

Season: summer

Magical items/tools: flame, wand, staff, candle

Tree: Oak

Part of Tree: fruit

Herb: ginger

Cardinal Word: will

Type of Love: sexual

Personal Facet: energy


 Information provided by Where Womyn Gather LLC with the help of Elizabeth Nahum. This list is intended to assist you in workshop proposal research and your journey.