Direction: EAST

Element: AIR

Archetype: MAIDEN


 The information listed below is from many sources. Thank you to those sources. This is an ever expanding list!!


Colors: yellow, white

Metal: white gold

Symbol: upward pointing triangle dissected by a horizontal line

Planet: Mercury, Sun

Astological: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Temperature: Warm


Animal: song birds

Stone: yellow flourite, mercury, white gold

Musical Instrument: Woodwinds, Flute

Chakra: 4th, heart

Food:sprouts, white grapes

Time of day: dawn

Season: spring

Magical items/tools: wand, incense, broom, staff, atheme

Tree: Quaking Aspen  

Part of Tree:blossom seeds

Herb: Lavender, Yarrow

Cardinal Word: motion/Intellect

Type of Love: Platonic

Personal Facet: mind


Information provided by Where Womyn Gather LLC with the help of Elizabeth Nahum. This list is intended to assist you in workshop proposal research and your journey.