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We invite you to register now to join us during these four days dedicated to Goddess and Her ancient ways. Together, we will turn our passions into actions manifesting a concept of
inter-connected wholeness for ourselves, our
communities and our environment.

Festival Registration

For those of you wishing to expand your horizons and mind, to experience new and exciting avenues of thought and ideas, to see what few womyn have a chance to witness, this is your starting point. Here is where you begin your journey.



If you have a great idea for a workshop or ritual which reflect the qualities of this years focus and you wish to share it with others please complete this form. Can't wait to hear your ideas!
You do not need to complete a Festival Registration.


Marketplace Application
WWG Marketplace
WWG Staff Application

If you wish to offer a craft, that you make yourself, for sale in the Marketplace for this years festival use this form. 

You do not need to complete a Festival Registration.

Are you looking for the full co-creation experience?  The best way to immerse yourself in festival is to become a Staff Member. You will work alongside the womyn who be your friends for the rest of your life.  Being a WWG Staff member is hard work, but hard work that you will love. 

You do not need to complete a Festival Registration.

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