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Can I help spread the word about WWG?

Absolutely! Just download and print any or all of the flyers, link is to the right, and distribute them freely!! Thank You.





Where is the festival held?

Where Womyn Gather is held at a well maintained children’s camp in N. E. Pennsylvania. In an effort to maintain our Womyn Only, Safe Space, we do not divulge the location of the festival until after we have received your paid-in-full Registration. At that point, we will send you, preferably via email, a Welcome Packet. This packet will contain your housing assignment, workshift location, the address for festival and directions, as well as everything else you will need to know to attend festival. Festival starts at noon on June 6 and ends June 9 at approx. 3pm.

Can I get directions?

In an effort to maintain our Womyn Only, Safe Space, we do not divulge the address of festival until after we have received your paid-in-full registration. At that time(April start), you will be sent, via email, our Where Womyn Gather Welcome Packet. This packet will give you all of the information you need to attend festival, including the address and driving directions.

What is the fee to attend festival and what does it include?

All fees are listed on the Registration Form for attendees.  If you are a Presenter or Craftswomyn, please be sure to go to the appropriate set of forms, which each include a housing form, to see what your fees are. The fee is for the time frame of: Thursday, after lunch through Sunday, after Closing Ritual. The fee includes all vegetarian meals, housing, workshops (some have a small material fee), Rituals, and Drumming.

Rates will be posted.
These WWG  rates are subject to change.


All refund requests must be snail mailed. Full refund minus a $100 handling fee is given when request is postmarked on or before May 1. NO REFUNDS after May 1. Private Cabins fees are non-refundable.


      Office address:

            Where Womyn Gather

            PO BOX 122

           Monmouth Beach, NJ 07750


What is NOT included in my Registration fee?
A: If there is a materials fee for a workshop, this is extra. Drinks, hamburgers, hotdogs, lunchmeat sandwiches, ice cream, candy, chips, earplugs, toothpaste and all other toiletries and items sold at The Kitchen Witch Store & Deli are not included in your registration fee. Transportation to and from camp is not included in your registration fee. Anything other than your housing in a camp building, vegetarian meals, workshops, rituals, drumming and Arts & Crafts are in addition to your Registration Fee.

What are my housing choices?
A: You may stay in a group cabin, tent or pay an additional fee to stay in a private cabin (private cabins are given on a  first paid registration, first received basis.) None of the housing choices have heat or air conditioning.

Q: What are the group cabins like?
A:  Group cabins vary slightly. Most are large buildings with two separate sides, with at least 12 single beds in each cabin. They are rustic, but do have electricity and private flushing toilets and hot showers. Each bed has a small storage unit for your personal items and clothing. The bathroom/shower areas are in the rear of the cabins and are shared.

Q: What are the private and semi-private cabins like?
A: The private cabins are rustic. Each one has one double bed, a dresser of some sort, lighting and a private bathroom. The Semi-Private rooms  have either a double bed (limited quantity) or 2 singles (this room comes with a roommate). A shared bathroom/shower is down the hall. Hotel style entrance.


Q: What do I need to know if I decide to tent?
A: If you tent, you will need to bring your own tent, tarp for under it and sturdy stakes to secure it.  You are not allowed to cook at your tent. Fires are not allowed. Your Program Book or a Staff Member can show you where to set up and which cabins have been designated for tenters’ use for showering and toiletry needs.


Q: What about food/meals?
A: All of the meals included with your Registration, are Vegetarian. We do also try to have a vegan choice at each meal. Your first meal at festival will be dinner on Thursday. You will be served Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Friday and Saturday. Sunday’s meals will be Breakfast and Lunch.  You will notice that there is an area on your Registration Form that asks about special needs; this is where you would list any specific food needs or problems. Please keep in mind, we can not change our entire menu to accommodate one person's dietary needs and we can not guarantee that any of those dietary needs will be met by our menu. If you have serious, specific or unusual dietary needs, we suggest you bring in some of your own food to supplement. (No, unfortunately, this will not reduce your attendance fee.) We also have The Kitchen Witch Store & Deli where you can purchase hamburgers, hotdogs, lunchmeat sandwiches, sodas, ice cream and other snacks.

**Please note that all Special Dietary Needs are the attendees responsibility. We offer a refrigerator  (in Witch's Heal) and ice  (at the Kitchen Witch Store & Deli) for your convenience. 


Q: What is the policy of WristBands??
A: We are trying to keep costs down so that we can, in-turn, keep the Registration Fee as low as possible for all attendees.  We also have insurance requirements to meet that say we have to have a Registration Form for everyone at camp.  To this end, we need to ensure that everyone on land, has Registered to attend festival. The wristband (along with your name on our Registration List) will be your proof of Registration  We have tested these wristbands and are certain that they will stay on throughout the festival, even if you are one of the few who come in early for the Pre-fest preparations. The wristbands must be worn throughout festival.  They will ensure your admittance to Workshops, Rituals and the SacredFire, as well as being served meals.  If you are asked to show your wristband, please know that the request is being made for your security and safety, and please show your wristband, knowing that by doing so, you are keeping your festival costs as low as we can make them.  Should your wristband become damaged and comes off, bring it to Communications.  Once you turn in the damaged wristband, you will be issued a new one.


Q: Can I come to festival for just one day?
A: We do not have day passes. Where Womyn Gather is designed and carefully planned for attendees to arrive on Thursday after lunch and stay until Sunday afternoon, after closing ritual.  It is meant to be a full, all inclusive, experiential, spiritual experience…this cannot be accomplished in one day…in our humble opinion.


Q. Can we come early? 
A. Unless you have prior permission from the Festival Producers, the answer is no. Only those with specific "Set up festival" jobs are allowed to come in early.


Q. Can we stay overnight on Sunday when festival is over?
A. Unless you have prior permission from the Festival Producers, NO. Only those with specific "breakdown the festival" jobs are allowed to stay. We are busy cleaning up and closing down camp and have very limited food supplies.


Q. I sent in my registration. When will I get my 'Welcome Packet' and ticket?
A. You can expect to receive your Welcome Packet( housing information) starting in April. We have much information to gather before we send this out. 


Q. Is there a bus that goes to festival?
A.  Yes. Short Line bus to Hancock, NY from NYC. We will pick you up there. You can see the arrival and departure times at ShortLineBus.com.  Fees apply for this service.


Q. Are scholarships available?
A. We have created a new procedure for participants who wish to apply for a scholarship as we have a very limited amount available. Complete the Merit Scholarship Form. You will be contacted, by phone, by one of our staff.  


Q. When will the workshops be posted?
A. The Thursday workshops and part of Friday may be posted in April. You will receive the full schedule in your Where Womyn Gather Program Book, when you arrive at festival.


Q: Will there be Recovery/12-step meetings for me to attend?
A: We will have 2 meetings scheduled a day.  One in the early morning and one later in the day.  The times and location will be posted at Communications.  We also have a Recovery Sweat scheduled for Saturday beginning at 10:30 am.

Q: Can I drive to my cabin and then park my car there for the duration of the festival?
A: No, you can not. Vehicles are not allowed on any grass area in the camp.  The camp has piping that is very close to the surface.  Driving on the grass may damage this piping. If you are caught driving on the grass, you will be held responsible (financially) for any and all damage that is done.  Depending on where your cabin is located, you will be directed to the nearest drop off location.  There, you will unload your car, then you must drive it to the parking area. Your vehicle will remain in the parking area for the duration of the festival. Vehicles will not be allowed back on land until after Closing Ritual on Sunday. We recommend you bring a cart or at least have your suitcase on wheels to make the move to your cabin, as easy on you as possible.


Q: What if I have a loud snorer or a lot of noise in my cabin?
A: Your first line of defense should be earplugs.  There are no “quiet” areas of camp, so expect laughter, singing, drumming…in short, noise. If you have not brought earplugs, The Kitchen Witch Store & Deli (in the Hearth) sells them for a reasonable price. That being said, sometimes just nicely asking those around you to try to quiet down, may solve the problem. Moving to another bed in the cabin, further away from the womyn snoring, may help with that problem. If you cannot resolve the issue in the above ways, you can go to Communications and they will try to find you another available cabin to move to.


Q: What is the telephone policy?
A: The camp no longer has public telephones, with the assumption that everyone carries a cell phone these days. We regret any problem this may cause. Because most do carry cell phones, we have implemented these guidelines. Cell phones are NOT allowed in ANY Workshop or Ritual. Cell phones are NOT allowed at the SacredFire or in a SweatLodge. Cell phones are NOT allowed in the Marketplace or in the Hearth. There is a designated cell phone use area on the side of the Hearth, at the Gazebo. Any use of a cell phone in any of the prohibited areas, will cause you to be asked to leave that area.   Festival is considered Sacred Space…cell phone use is invasive, rude and energically disruptive. 


What if Home is trying to reach me?
We suggest that you turn your phone on at least once a day to receive any messages from home.  You can also leave your family with the emergency contact numbers in your Welcome Packet.  Messages received on those phone lines will be posted at Communications. Please keep in mind that reception is not always the best and often spotty, at camp. Let your family know that they may not be able to reach you immediately in the case of a problem at home.


What is the smoking policy?
Smoking is NOT Allowed in ANY Building in the camp. Smoking is NOT Allowed in ANY workshop or ritual.  Smoking is NOT Allowed in the Marketplace or SacredFire. There are cigarette butt receptacles near the Hearth and Communications; We expect that ALL cigarette butts will be placed in these receptacles.


If I have a problem once I am at camp, where do I go?
If it is during the day, go to Communications. If they can not answer your question, they will know who to call to help you in the best way possible. If there is a problem during the night, go to the Emergency Night Contact cabin, located in Arianrhod, at the turn to Gaia’s Lawn in the upper camp.


What if I am attending festival for one specific Presenter and/or workshop, and that Presenter cancels?
Occasionally, unforeseen things will happen and a Presenter has to cancel at the last minute or we have to cancel a workshop. This would be just one Presenter and/or one workshop out of a very full lineup of Presenters and workshops. Whereas we would regret this happening and be disappointed for anyone wishing to attend this workshop or see this particular Presenter, we DO NOT issue refunds for this reason. We suggest you enjoy and partake in all of the workshops and Presenters, Rituals, drumming, dancing, arts & crafts and fun that Where Womyn Gather has to offer.


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