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Direction: CENTER

Element: SPIRIT


The information listed below is from many sources. Thank you to those sources. This is an ever expanding list!!


Colors: The Color of Spirit

Color is used to assist one in aligning with a particular element. Red with Fire, Blue with Water, these make sense to us. The difficulty with Spirit is that, by its very definition, it is formless, shapeless, colorless and has no material component whatsoever. However, the Western Esoteric Tradition, as well as the Vedic tradition, use the color Purple in association to Spirit. That is why many cultures have their kings and queens don royal purple vestments to indicate their aliment with the Divine.

Some groups do use white, the absence of color and some use black, the presence of all colors, to align with Spirit.  Again, the paradox of translating a nonphysical experience and concept, into the physical realm.
In the years where we are honoring Spirit, I suggested we use saran wrap for ritual wear, but that was vetoed after much laughter and visualizations about what that might look like on land.  But, it IS colorless and relatively formless, so I stand by my suggestion, albeit a totally impractical prospect.

So we are using WHITE, the absence of color (not white light which when passed through a prism separates into all visible spectrums of light); just white, the color in the paint box. We are also using Purple as it is often used to represent the third eye which has the ability to perceive the subtle energy of Spirit.

Center is not usually used as a direction in the Western Esoteric Tradition, however if it were, it would align with the  Spirit within us, our divine spark. It does align with the Sacred Fire at WWG, who honors Center as a direction aligned with Spirit.

Every womyn, whether she is new to WWG, a long time attendee, new staff womyn or seasoned staff, Christian, Jewish or Wiccan,  all come together to create, weave, cast, spin and envision the container which we all experience as Where Womyn Gather.

If you have any further questions,  please feel free to email me at: and include your phone number.  As you can see, questions are much quicker to ask than to answer, so I usually prefer to talk to you rather than write to you. Thank You and I look forward to seeing you all at Where Womyn Gather in June.


Metal: meteorite

Symbol: spiral, star of David




Stone: quartz, amethyst

Chakra: 1st, crown


Time of day:


Magical items/tools: cord, cauldron

Tree: Apple

Herb: artemesia, vervain


Information provided by Where Womyn Gather LLC with the help of Elizabeth Nahum. This list is intended to assist you in workshop proposal research and your journey.

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