Hello to the entire WWG Community.

I have hesitated too long in making this decision.  It breaks my heart to say this, but in order to ensure the health and safety of our community during this difficult time of the coronavirus, our Where Womyn Gather festival will be canceled for 2020. 

It is the only socially responsible decision I can make.   Even if our country has “flattened the curve” by June and it is deemed safe to be able to hug each other again (which looks more and more unlikely within our timeline), many of us will have been out of work for many weeks, struggling to pay bills and adjusting our lives to what will undoubtedly become a new normal.

I have spoken with the camp to see if we had any other options for dates at the end of the summer.

This may still be an option, but festival has always been held the first full weekend in June.  Plus, in listening to the professionals, like Dr. Fauci, I feel that it may still be unwise and unsafe to have festival even at the end of August. 

So let’s be safe and wise.  My heart is broken over this decision.  It will be incredibly difficult to not see everyone in June.  I will miss all of the hugs, love, singing, laughing, drumming, quiet talks and noisy merriment, everything about festival: the smells, sounds, comfort, healing and joy of it.

The camp has guaranteed me that we will have our weekend in 2021.  So for now, please stay safe and healthy.  Remember we are energy workers and healers.  Pray for the end of this virus.  Light candles.  Have individual rituals for the healing of Gaia and all her inhabitants, for the safety of health care workers, grocery store workers, restaurant workers, for  everyone who is risking their own health in order to ensure we have food and services while we shelter in place.

I will be refunding all paid registrations.  If you paid through Paypal, that is where to look for your refund.  If you paid by check, none of them have been deposited.  In an effort to eliminate the postage expense, I’m asking that you allow me to destroy your check instead of me mailing them back to you. 

I already miss you all.

Sending Love, Hugs and Blessings,

Diane Archer-Camhi

join us for a



Join us for a new journey among familiar traditions this year. We will continue to honor the Triple Goddess with many paths toward experiencing a deeper dimension of yourself.

You are invited to gather to reflect and renew in the Red Tent and participate in Enthralling Rituals, Experiential Workshops, Drumming and Singing Circles. There is Gyrlspace for the young and a Marketplace for all to enjoy the creations of craftswomyn.

For Womyn and gyrls Only

Where Womyn Gather invites you, daughters, mothers and grandmothers, to witness and participate in the special empowerment that results from the energy created in a womyn-only, multi-cultural space. We believe that a womyn-only / gyrl-only environment is crucial as we seek deep levels of collective healing and re-naming. Our numbers range from 300 to 400 so you are sure to meet a kindred soul.






Where Womyn Gather is held at a well maintained children’s camp in N. E. Pennsylvania. In an effort to maintain our Womyn Only, Safe Space, we do not divulge the location of the festival until after we have received your paid-in-full Registration. At that point, we will send you, preferably via email, a Welcome Packet. This packet will contain your housing assignment, workshift location, the address for festival and directions, as well as everything else you will need to know to attend festival.

 Diane & Mary.

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