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Marketplace Application


It is always wonderful and exciting to launch another festival year. We hope you will choose to apply for a Marketplace Permit at Where Womyn Gather. In 2023 the festival will be held Thursday, June 1nd through Sunday, June 4th, at a private camp near the New York- Pennsylvania state line. This year the festival is honoring Center and Spirit.


The Marketplace is a womyn-made, hand-made crafts marketplace consisting of approximately 13 booths. No imports, no buy/sells.  First preference is given to craftswomyn whose focus is Goddess imagery, followed by female affirming imagery. It is expected that the craftswomyn will be staffing her own booth, with merchandise that she has made herself. Using this criteria, we are doing a first-come, first-serve selection process by media this year. You are required to be at festival by noon on Wednesday for set-up.


Where Womyn Gather reserves the right to refuse selling privileges to womyn offering products/services that were not listed, were manufactured, imported, not womyn-made, or not womyn-affirming.


The Marketplace permit fee is $50. No checks will be cashed until March 16th, so please post-date them accordingly. If your Marketplace Permit Application is not accepted, your voided check will be returned to you. Everyone else will receive an acceptance letter, via email by March 15th.


We have listened to you and will be setting up the Marketplace in an inside space. We do still ask that you bring your 10'x 10' tent. You will be informed about any changes so you can plan accordingly.

NEW:  If you choose to bring a Helper you will need to submit payment ($395) for them along with your registration payment. Be sure to include their name, please. Once your Marketplace Permit Application has been approved, they can go to the website and fill out a Registration form, indicating that they will pay by check.  We will know internally that they are your Marketplace helper.

We have tried to make this application form self-explanatory, but may not have succeeded - so if you have questions, please feel free to e-mail us.


Marketplace Permit Applications are due March 1, 2023.



If accepted, you are expected to be at Festival Wednesday by noon, for booth set-up. If you cannot be there by that time please do not apply. Coming late for set-up is disruptive to everyone. We count on your being considerate of this fact.

To submit a Marketplace Application, please follow the guidance below to be directed to the appropriate application 





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