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WWG Festival Registration



Welcome to Where Womyn Gather.  You are about to embark on a wonderful, transformative journey.

Where Womyn Gather is a Triple Goddess Festival.  (Maiden, Mother & Crone) This year we are honoring Spirit and Center.  If you have questions about the Element, Direction or Archetype, the best place to begin is on the website.  You'll see, at the top right of the home page, each of the directions listed.  For this year,  just click on Center for a list of things such as the color(s), time of day and season and many other  related items. If there are things that you believe are missing from these lists, just let us know, we may have missed something pertaining to your particular practice. Festival starts Thursday at 12 noon and ends Sunday at 3 PM.


Important Information

You will note, as you fill out the Festival Registration Form, that we have worked long and hard to make it as easy as possible to register for festival.  You fill it out online, press "Register Me" and it is automatically emailed to us, with an email copy also sent to you.  See, Easy! Keep in mind that sometimes your computer's email security system will send things to your junk file, so be sure to check there for it if it is not in your regular in-box. Also note that if you chose to pay with PayPal you will need your payment information ready to complete your transaction.


You will also see that we have made a few changes to the fee system.  There is now a rate level for Maidens, aged 15 to 17 yrs. old.  You asked, we listened.  We have added a Senior discount.  Our honored Crones, aged 68 or older, may take a discount of $20. 


We encourage everyone, 18 and over, to sign up for a 2 hour Sister WorkShare.  It is one of the ways to truly "Create Community".  If you plan to do your Sister WorkShare, be sure to use the coupon code "goddess" to receive your discount on your registration fee. There are a limited amount of Sister WorkShares available. Then be sure to go to the Sister WorkShare table in the Hearth and sign-up for and then fulfill  your 2 hour shift.  In an effort to be fair, those who take the discount and then do not fulfill their 2 hour shift, will be billed for the discount amount after festival.  For those who do not use the coupon code to receive the discount, but then do a Sister WorkShare, we will  consider this a donation to the scholarship fund. Maidens 17 and under please feel free to sign up for a Sister WorkShare at Festival, we can always use your hands!


There are Rooms with a shared bath that will be in high demand, so they are on a first PAID, first received basis.  Unfortunately, we cannot hold these rooms without full payment.  Also because of the high demand for them, the Private Cabin fee is Non-Refundable, over and above any other cancellation fees. If choosing a Semi-Private room please know that you will have a roommate. If there are 2 or 3 that would like to share one of these rooms, please note that on your registration form.

Once you have completed your Registration Form, you will have the option to either pay by PayPal immediately or send us a check in the mail.  If you choose to mail us a check, please be sure that it arrives before the next rate increase.  Rates are based on how early you register and pay; the earlier the lowest cost.  If you fill out the Registration Form in the first rate period, but do not send us payment until the 2nd or 3rd rate period, you will be billed for the additional Registration fee, based on when payment was received.


Important Questions

Either before or as you are filling out the Registration Form, questions may occur to you.  A lot of these are expected questions that many womyn have had in the past.  In the effort to give the answers you need, without having to wait for us to answer you via email, we have created an FAQ  and About the Festival sections on the website.  Of course, we may have missed a question or you may have a unique one.  In that case, please feel free to email us at   We try to reply to all inquiries within a few days.  Although, we have had times when a question is attached to an existing thread and has been missed in a long thread.  So please send your question in its own email, not as a reply to an unrelated message.





Fee Schedule

All fees are listed below. The current rate will appear as you fill out the Registration Form.  If you are a Presenter or Craftswomyn, please be sure to go to the appropriate form (not the regular Registration Form), which each includes its own housing form, to see what your fees are. The fee is for the time frame of: Thursday, 12 noon through Sunday, after Closing Ritual (approx. 3pm). The fee includes all vegetarian meals, housing, workshops (some have a small material fee), Rituals, Sacred Fire, Drumming and all the laughter you can handle.


  Rates for 2023 as follows:

  - Per Womyn (age 18+) (must be postmarked by Feb. 28) $445 ($395 after $50 rebate for WorkShare)

  - Per Womyn(age 18+) (must be postmarked by Mar 30) $465 ($415 after $50 rebate for WorkShare)

  - Per Womyn (age 18+) (must be postmarked by Apr 21) $485 ($435 after $50 rebate for WorkShare)

  - Per Womyn (age 18+) (must be postmarked by May 15) $495 ($445 after $50 rebate for WorkShare)

  - At the gate (if space is available)(cash only) $525 

  - Womyn 68+ can receive a $20 Discount

  - Gyrls 0-5   Free  

  - Gyrls 6-12 $180

  - Gyrls 13-17  $225

  - Roundtrip Bus stop (per womyn) $25

  - Rooms with shared bath (no refunds unless unavailable) $130
These WWG 2023 rates are subject to change.


All refund requests must be snail mailed. Full refund minus a $100 handling fee is given when  request is postmarked on or before May 1, 2023. NO REFUNDS after May 1, 2023. Private Cabins fees are non-refundable.


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