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Staff Application


Are you looking for the full co-creation experience?  The best way to immerse yourself in festival is to become a Staff Member.  You will work alongside the womyn who be your friends for the rest of your life.  Being a WWG Staff member is hard work, but hard work that you will love. The Application is due by March 1,2023. We will let you know by email if you have been accepted on staff on or about March 15, 2023.  We have limited space. So...get your registrations in by the due date.



Staff Descriptions

Parking Pixie/Front Gate/Security/Transportation

For this position you must possess a friendly smile, a finger to point with, the ability to use a 2-way radio,  have good communications skills and the stamina to do this all day, rain or shine.  Parking Pixies have the privilege of meeting all the festival attendees as they arrive. You will be relaying important festival information, answering questions and directing attendees to their cabins.  A full staff Parking Pixie/Front Gate position requires you to be on land by 10am Thursday morning. You will be moved to a secondary position on Friday.


Communications (you must have attended festival for 4 years)

A position in Communications requires enthusiasm and lots of positive energy. It offers you the opportunity to insure  a wonderful festival experience for all festival attendees, while aiding staff and presenters by facilitating the flow of timely and accurate information to and from relevant parties on all subjects related to the festival. You will provide festival information, give directions and explain the camp map.  You will keep program schedules up to date and will need to effectively troubleshoot! You will use your excellent communications skills and your ability to assimilate and organize a lot of information quickly. Your patience, kindness and overall festi-fever keep you and the womyn you meet smiling for days. Our requirement is for Communication positions to be held by womyn who have attended festival for at least 4 years before…. And who smile a lot.  A full staff position at Communications requires you to be on land  no later than Wednesday noon.


Program Support

A Program Support Team member needs excellent organizational and communication skills. You will be the ones who ensure that workshops and events go off without a hitch! You are responsible for updating and relaying program changes to Communications, as well as providing Presenters with necessary materials and equipment. Abundant energy helps you broom clean and clear cabins both pre- and post-fest, placing signage throughout camp pre-fest and retrieving it post-fest, being sure evaluation forms are at every workshop,  as well as maintain a rigorous walking regime needed throughout the festival.  Lifting is required: you may be moving chairs and occasionally, furniture as rooms are rearranged to be set for a workshop. This position gives you the opportunity to work closely with each and every Presenter. 

A full staff position on the Program Support Team requires you to be on land by Tuesday lunch.


Sister WorkShare

Multi-tasking, amazing communication skills,  smiles, repartee' and a round 'em up attitude is what is needed for this area. You will be responsible for organizing and maintaining the sign-up sheets for the required two hour work share slots for festival attendees. Explaining to womyn the importance of them fulfilling this requirement in order to ensure that the festival runs smoothly. You will be in contact with area coordinators to review their staffing requirements for each day.  This position gives you the opportunity to meet every womyn at festival.  What a treat!


Recycling Avenger

This very important environmental position includes installing signs and recycling bags in cabins, sorting of all recycling for recycling center. Taking food scraps from meals to local farms for animals. Much dedication is needed for performance of these duties plus you get to pet baby goats!


Hearth Guardian

Your responsibilities are based around meals: before, during and after.  Before meals you will need to wipe tables and be sure there are water pitchers and salt & pepper on each table.  During meals, let your inner water nymph immerge as you ensure that the sink area is set-up and kept clean.  You'll also be giving directions to attendees on how to use the dish washing station. Then, after the meal, its time to wipe the tables again, put away the water pitchers and stock and straighten the "out all the time" food area….and don't forget to check that the chairs are clean too.  It's always fun to call on one or two of the Maidens to help with this task.  This is an important job.  A clean and organized Dining Hall is an inviting place for each and every womyn at festival!


Kitchen Witch Store & Deli

This is a job for someone who has the ability to multi-task, cook, add in your head .  You'll be very busy during each of the meals, cooking hamburgers, hot dogs and steak, taking orders and making sandwiches.  All the while, keeping who's order is who's, adding up all of the items they are purchasing and collecting the money.  You will have the ability to make 'snacking wimmin' smile. You will be responsible for making sandwiches, grilling, refilling cooler drinks and be accountable for money taken in and inventory.


Healing Staff
Assist Nursing/Medical staff by coordinating requests for medical assistance. Initiate and coordinate need for formal assessment and/or treatment by nursing/medical staff. Distribute items like band aids, antibacterial ointment, etc. Experience as medical assistant/professional ideal; experience with alternative remedies such as aloe vera, arnica, etc a plus.


Brigid's Forge

Assist with projects, help set up and clean up for workshops. Sam plans everything so minimal staff is needed.


Gaia's Gyrls
Positive, endless energy. Previous experience with children. Creative. Organized.



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